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   Beauty takes many forms. One person's vision of beauty is often shockingly
   different from another's, particularly across cultural boundaries.
   Beauty is variable. Aging is an entirely different matter.

   The natural deterioration of the skin begins in your twenties,
   when the outward signs are absent and you still look great.
   At this point, your efforts to deal with the process will bear fruit
   for a future that you haven't yet considered. At any point of intervention,
   you will certainly look better than if you hadn't started at all.

   Think of the skin as a form-fitting garment, like tights.
   They hug your body, move when you move, and as you move. After exposure to
   multiple washings, and thousands of bends and folds, the tights begin to sag and
   generally loosen all over. That was a description of how your tights age;
   it's worse for your skin.

   Stop smoking - it depletes your skin of vital nutrients,
   creates toxins in the body that hasten the aging process,
   thus depriving you of good complexion.

   A weekly or bi-weekly exfoliating treatment and hydrating
   face mask will do wonders to keep your complexion clear
   and glowing. Use a mask that is suitable for your skin type.

   Don't gain and lose weight too quickly.
   Maintaining a relatively constant weight makes great sense
   for a volume of reasons. The main reason is that the skin will
   not respond to weight loss by shrinking, and will look loose,
   empty, and haggard.

   The best tactic is to achieve one's optimal weight and stay
   there. That needn't be model slim or unrealistic for you,
   but a good and healthy level that your body can adjust to.

   All the knowledge we have accumulated about aging cannot stop the process,
   but we can avoid accelerating it, and even slow it down. We can even control
   the signs and symptoms of aging before they start. And you can keep looking
   your best right through the very enjoyable middle years, but you must start early.

   The earlier the better.

   The objective is prevention. Once wrinkles are written into the skin,
   they can never be fully eliminated. Though we can now reduce the depth
   of wrinkles and make them less apparent, they still remain a singular reminder
   of the wear and tear one suffers over the years.
   Therefore, we must prevent them before they start.

   That is the objective of Age Reversal. This e-book includes all the topics about
   skin care and anti-age program with detailed explanations.

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