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   The Importance of Color Analysis:
   You probably own a few outfits that always garner comment
   whenever you wear them. It could be something as simple as
   "You look great today!" or as obvious as "Wow! That color really
   brings out your eyes!" It doesn't matter how old the garment is
   or how many times you wear it, you feel good in it because
   it always gets you noticed. It brings you confidence.

   On the other hand, you've also probably worn clothes when people
   have said, "Are you feeling okay today?" Or perhaps they
   said nothing-even if it was a new outfit and you waited
   for kudos that never came.

   So what's the difference? Color.
   Or more specifically, the way that certain colors interact with your skin tone
   to make you appear vibrant and healthy--or pale and washed out.

   Now you may have heard about color analysis before and wondered
   what it was all about. Maybe you've even had your "colors done" at one point,
   and either loved or hated the results. Perhaps you've heard stylists
   on television say things like "Color doesn't matter; anyone can wear anything."
   And after all was said and done, you're either skeptical or completely confused.

   All colors are made up of the three primary colors-red, blue, and yellow.
   Yellow is warm, blue is cool, and red is neither cool nor warm, but "in-between."
   When you add yellow, you get a warmer tone; when you add blue,
   you get a cooler tone.

   Human beings can likewise be classified as having either
   "warm" or "cool" undertones depending on their unique combination
   of melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin. The undertone you're born with
   never changes; it simply deepens with a tan and fades with age.

   So based on your yellow or blue undertone, you'll look best in colors
   that are either yellow or blue based.

    Your skin, hair, and eyes react to the colors around them, absorbing
   colors that match your undertone and reflecting colors that oppose it.
   It's why some brides look great in white but others look better in ivory.
   And it's why you look great in some colors and completely washed out in others.

   Wearing the "right" colors:

    Makes your eyes sparkle

    Gives your skin a healthy, flawless appearance

    Makes you look younger

    Increases your self-confidence

   Wearing the "wrong" colors:

    Dulls the skin, hair, and eyes

    Magnifies skin imperfections

    Makes you look older than you are

    Makes you appear heavier than you are

   So why don't we instinctively know which colors look best on us?

   Actually, we do. We're naturally drawn to the colors that suit us best.
   Unfortunately, we may have been unduly influenced over the years by parents,
   siblings, or peers who have different coloring than us. Combine that with
   the Fashion Industry showing its latest "must haves" twice a year
   with little regard to this concept, and you could have a closet
   full of clothes with colors you can't wear.

   For more tips, download Color Analysis, a free ebook.

Free  Download

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