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   Problem: Sagging skin:
   A neck lift removes excess skin, or "turkey wattle," firming the area.
   But if a 2-week recovery, not to mention the surgical risks involved
   and the huge price tag, isn't exactly what you had in mind,
   you still have alternatives that are less invasive and less costly, yet more subtle.
   Like using a combination of retinoids, AHAs, and antioxidants on the neck.

   These treatments can help smooth out some of the fine lines on the surface,
   fade brown spots, and improve skin tone, all of which help
   give the neck a younger look.

   Problem: Age spots:

   Like the skin on your neck, the skin on the hands and chest tends to be
   thinner and more delicate than that on the rest of your body.

   For hands, a year round lotion with sunscreen and ingredients
   such as retinol and AHAs is a good choice. To fade minor age spots,
   try a bleaching cream that contains hydroquinone.

   Darker spots may call for professional help.
   A dermatologist could prescribe a potent bleaching agent combined with
   a retinoid or a cream containing vitamin C and AHAs.

   If you want more-dramatic and faster results, ask your dermatologist about lasers.
   Nonablative laser treatments can be used to tighten the muscles in the neck area,
   which may help give it a firmer appearance, too.

   For more info, download Skin Care in Your 50s, a free ebook.

Free  Download

       Problem: Thinning lips; turned down mouth:

       While your lips do lose moisture and collagen over time, there is hope: Primers and balms containing
       ingredients like menthol and vitamin C, supposedly make lips look more luscious. There are no studies
       showing whether these products really work, but they may provide a subtle, temporary benefit.

       The color and texture of your lipstick can also fatten a skimpy mouth.
       Glossy or creamy colors in light to medium shades always make your lips look fuller.
       Choose subtle brownbased hues, like pinky-brown or reddish brown.
       For definition, line lips after applying lipstick or gloss with a pencil that matches your lips exactly.

       As for that grumpy look, blame gravity. Around the late 40s or early 50s, there is a noticeable loss
       of volume or fullness in the cheek area. This tends to make the nasolabial folds
       (the creases that run from the edges of your nose to the corners of your mouth)
       look deeper and more pronounced. The only way to significantly minimize these folds
       (once they are formed) is with injections of a soft-tissue filler, like Restylane.

       The natural deterioration of the skin begins in your twenties, when the outward
       signs are absent and you still look great. The best solution is to prevent the signs before they start.
       That is the objective of Age Reversal. This e-book includes all the topics about skin care
       and anti-age program with detailed explanations.

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