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   The skin is the largest organ on the human body.
   It produces millions of new cells each day.
   In childhood and adolescence each new cell is a perfect copy of the previous one.
   There is a perfect balance between dying off the old cells,
   and producing new ones. That's why we don't age.

   However, by the age of 30, the skin's natural rejuvenating
   processes begin to slow down.
   The skin gradually loses its ability to neutralize
   free radicals and repair the damage.

   This is how it looks like at the cellular level...

   Free radicals attack and destroy collagen fibres which make the skin elastic.
   They also destroy hyaluronic acid, the jelly-like substance that retains water
   and makes the skin firm.

   Now, you may be wondering why do those lines appear.
   You have to bear one thing in mind, though.
   The wrinkles that show up today have been decades in the making.

   Factors like heredity, the power of gravity, the damage caused by ultraviolet rays    have a significant influence on the aging process.

   Exposure to UV rays can break down collagen and elastin, so the wrinkles form.

   Gravity causes sagging skin, but good muscle tone
   can actually help delay the process.

   Protect your skin from sun damage.
   UV light is primarily responsible for speeding up skin aging.
   Wear make-up that contains a sunscreen, or use a sun-protective
   moisturiser every day, even during winter.

   The delicate skin around the eyes is susceptible to
   premature wrinkling from exposure to the sun.
   Use high quality protective sun glasses when out in direct sunlight.

   Be gentle with your skin - never drag it when you wash or cleanse.

   When it comes to make-up, remember less is more effective the older you get.
   Heavy make-up tends to accentuate lines and wrinkles.

     For more info, download Good Complexion, a free ebook.

Free  Download

   Stop smoking - it depletes your skin of vital nutrients,
   creates toxins in the body that hasten the aging process,
   thus depriving you of good complexion.
   A weekly or bi-weekly exfoliating treatment and hydrating
   face mask will do wonders to keep your complexion clear
   and glowing. Use a mask that is suitable for your skin type.

   Moisten cotton pads in rosewater and put them on your eyes.
   Leave the mask on for 15 -20 minutes.
   Follow with toner and moisturizer.
   It truly slows down the aging process and will help you
   keep your complexion clear.
   These simple rules will help you to maximize
   the stay young potential of your skin,
   reversing the cellular damage that results in physical aging.

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