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   Homemade remedies for treatment of freckles:

   1) Lemon juice has been known to fight against freckles,
   since many years and moreover, it has shown excellent results
   to treat freckles or any other type of skin discolourations.
   It has been noted that, it is not always necessary to rub the skin
   with a piece of lemon. Even if the lemon juice is applied over
   the affection skin with the help of fingers will serve the purpose
   and will show good results.

   2) Freckles can also be treated with proper Vitamin supplements.
   Individuals suffering from freckles should increase the intake of Vitamin C.
   Due to Vitamin C present in adequate amount in the body, the skin becomes
   less sensitive to the sun and hence less melanin deposition occurs.
   The food rich in Vitamin C includes Oranges, grapes, apples, etc.

   3) Mask of sour cream is also thought to be good for the treatment of freckles.
   After the use of sour cream, the moisturizer should be applied.

   4) Natural parsley juice mixed with equal amounts of lemon juice,
   orange juice under any favourite cream will help to make the freckles invisible.

   5) Washing the face with sour milk is also a very beneficial remedy
   for the treatment of freckles.

   6) An old French recipe uses fresh cucumber juice. Cucumbers are said
   to be excellent bleaching agents for the skin, and can be used on brown spots.
   To make a lotion, mix 1 tsp of the cucumber juice with 2 tsps of water.
   Apply once in the morning and once at night, letting it dry on the skin.

   7) Women on the islands of the South Pacific know that papaya juice
   helps remove skin blemishes and lighten freckles. Squeeze the juice straight
   from the papaya and rub it into the skin. An enzyme in the juice removes
   dead surface cells. The result is wonderfully smooth, soft skin.

   8) Mild cases may be helped by using borax dissolved in rose water,
   applying several times a day. Another method is to dampen the finger tips,
   dip in powdered saltpeter and apply directly to the freckles.
   Repeat until they disappear. Another, to cover the face with almond paste
   and then pat lemon juice into the skin which will remove some of the freckles.
   Keep out of the sun and hot wind and do not go into the sun when
   the face, hands and arms are wet.

     For more info, download Freckles Removal, a free ebook.

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