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   How to Apply Makeup For Photos:

   Everybody wants to look great in photos and pictures.
   Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with a natural beauty
   some of us have to work harder in order to look great in photos,
   some have to conceal blemishes /pimples, discolorations, large pores/,
   other have to change their hairstyle and clothing.
   If you are going to be photographed do not forget to take
   your makeup bag with you as you will need a few makeup products.

   A good makeup primer will hide imperfections like, large pores, small pimple,
   skin discolorations, spots, freckles and so on. There are even eyelid primers
   that conceal the yellowing hints under your eyes.

   Before you apply makeup, start with smooth, toned and moisturized skin.
   If necessary, give yourself a facial or scrub treatment. This minimizes uneven
   or artificial looking makeup application and promotes a healthy, glowing look.

   As photos are two-dimensional, the camera ages subjects by enhancing dark,
   fine lines and wrinkles. To compensate, gently apply a lighter shade
   of concealer makeup to darker areas: around the eyes, crevices
   and expression lines.

   Using upward strokes, next apply a light layer of foundation makeup
   over the face including lips. Blend makeup at the edges.
   Except for corrective work, use foundation makeup colors
   closely matching the natural skin color.

   Unless you like the look, or have the eyes for it, avoid harsh lines,
   or the raccoon look, it makes the eyes look smaller and deeper set.

   Try a smoky-colored eyeliner pencil, and smudge a bit if necessary.
   With liquid eyeliner, an option is to dot the eyeliner next to the eyelash
   base rather than create a solid line. For a different look, limit liquid
   eyeliner application to the top eyelid and/or the outer corners of the eyes.

   Smoky eye shadow applied above the eyelids and blended with the outer
   corners of the eyes also creates a desirable effect; a highlighted
   brow area enhances this effect.

   Most lips benefit from definition, even when lipstick is not generally used.
   For a natural but polished look, try a shade or two darker than your lip color,
   apply lip pencil, smudge lips a bit and apply a little gloss, or lipstick.

   The key is to consider that images are two dimensional, so shadows
   and highlighted areas may need to be emphasized, de-emphasized
   or even simulated, for the best overall effect. Employ makeup tips
   for problem areas based on your photo experience with similar
   lighting conditions and adjust accordingly.

     For more info, download Applying Makeup For Photos, a free ebook.

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