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   Rosacea is a chronic disease which usually first appears as subtle reddening
   on the face. It is usually focused on the center of the face.
   Rosacea commonly starts on the nose and spread outwards to include the cheeks,
   chin and forehead. Over time this may develop into some inflammation
   and may be accompanied by skin eruptions. If left untreated, rosacea can
   worsen over time and even affect the eyelids and mucous membranes.

   Rosacea Symptoms:

    Flushing or blushing that occurs easily and often and lasts longer than normal.

    Rashes and redness on part or all of the face. Often has the appearance
   of sunburn and may become worse over time.

    Visible red lines on the face called telangiectasis. These lines are caused by
   broken blood vessels.

    A bright red central face, capillary prominence and eruptions
   mark full-blown Rosacea.

    White pustules with rare occurrence of blackheads.
    Burning or stinging sensations with strong senitivity
   to many topical preparations.

   Stages of rosacea:

   At the very beginning of the disease, patches of redness appear, usually in
   the center of the face or on the cheeks. This can be mistaken for rosy cheeks
   or a harmless change in complexion. However, the redness does not go away.

   The progress of the disease can be interrupted by periods of remission,
   which means that the symptoms calm down and seem to go away.
   These cycles of flare-ups and remissions are common in rosacea.
   It is unfortunate, but the remission periods are often followed by a worsened
   period of activity a return of the pimples, redness, nose bumps, etc
    when the disease is left untreated.

   Symptoms ordinarily develop in the following order: First, the redness and pimples,
   then the visible blood vessels, and then the nose bumps. Rosacea can also involve
   the eyes, mucous membranes and connective tissue beneath the skin.

   The symptoms of rosacea often mimic acne and sunburn.
   For this reason, it is often left untreated in its early stages.
   However, early and effective treatment can stop the progress of the disease.

   For more info, download Rosacea Symptoms, a free ebook.

    Free  Download

   Rosacea Triggers:

   Some things can make rosacea worse. These "triggers" can cause rosacea to flare up. Taking note of those things
   that may aggravate your rosacea and avoiding them are important parts of managing your condition.
   Also, don't forget to talk to your health care professional about any triggers which you think may be
   aggravating your condition.

   Following are some possible triggers:

    Extreme heat or cold
    Hard exercise
    Spicy foods
    Hot beverages
    Certain medications
    Individual factors which may produce a facial flushing reaction or irritate facial skin.

   Avoiding triggers that cause flushing is very helpful in keeping symptoms under control.
   Talk to your health care professional about how you can recognize and avoid the things that make you flush.
   Ignoring your triggers can interfere with the success of your treatment.

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