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   During your 20's your skin should look its best.
   In your 30's you may begin to see the appearance of fine lines.
   These changes can be minimized by properly caring for your skin.
   Cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin can help you rejuvenate your skin.

   There are two basic categories of cleansers: "tissue-off"
   and "rinse-off" cleansers.

   Tissue-off Cleansers or"creamy" cleansers have a high oil content.
   They are less drying and more suitable for dry skin types.

   Rinse-off Cleansers or "water-based" cleansers like gels, facial washes
   and foaming cleansers incorporate some type of detergent
   that removes makeup and excess oils.
   These are recommended for oily and combination skin types.

Although aging produces a series of alterations in the skin, it is possible to rejuvenate it.
Understanding when to begin the routine is not very difficult. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making small lifestyle alterations and beginning early maintenance. The ultimate objective is to prevent the changes of aging, not treat them. It all depends on where you enter the loop.


Download Free Version
Download Free Version

   Toners remove traces of makeup and prepares the skin for moisturizing.
   For normal to oily skin a toner should contain a low percentage of alcohol
   and skin soothers like allantoin.
   For normal to dry skin use an alcohol-free freshener with ingredients
   such as witch hazel and other natural extracts.

   Moisturizers form a protective barrier between your skin and the environment.
   A basic moisturizer should contain the ingredients that attract and trap moisture
   onto the skin. It should also contain emollients which nourish the skin.

   Daily Moisturizers ( with sunscreen )should be applied each day,
   30 minutes before exposure to the sun in order to penetrate your skin.

   Night Moisturizers should be rich in emollients and revitalizing ingredients.
   It should help reduce the signs of aging.

   For more info, download Skin Care, a free ebook.

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   Foundations must have good coverage and be neutral enough to allow your eye,
   cheek and lip makeup to highlight your natural beauty.
   Choosing the right foundation can make the difference between having a natural,
   flawless finish or looking as if you were wearing a mask.

   There are three major categories to choose from: liquid, cream and powder foundation.

   Liquid foundations offer sheer coverage
   and provide a natural look.
   Most women prefer a liquid foundation
   because it is easy to apply and fits like a "second skin".
   They are available in water-based and oil-based formulas.

   Cream foundations are available in compacts
   and sticks and provide a creamy flawless finish.
   Powder foundations provide the easy application
   of a powder with the excellent coverage of a foundation.

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   For more information on
   skin care and youthful complexion,
   download Natural Facelift, a free ebook.

   Simple toning exercises can help to firm
   the contours of the face and prevent
   or reduce the visible signs of aging
   that inevitably take their toll as the years pass by.

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