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   Wardrobe Basics:
   Does the label make the clothes? The answer is only if you feel like
   you have to be a name dropper or if you are on a red carpet
   revealing who designed your gown. There are some in certain
   social sets who would disagree with this, but the reality is
   that if you are an average person, it is much more important
   that you look your best in a style that is appropriate for your lifestyle
   and body type than it is to have the latest label.

   Know Your Body Type: None of us is perfect, so it's good to know
   your measurements and shape. Think about arm, leg and torso length
   and shoulder, hip, waist and thigh shape and width.
   Evaluate your overall body shape.
   Finally think about the areas you want to hide or accentuate.

   Be Realistic: This works for all body types. Wear clothing that fit properly.
   Squeezing into a smaller size does not make you smaller.
   It makes you look like you have gained weight and didn't buy clothing
   that are the right size. On the flip side, wearing baggy, bigger clothing
   in an attempt to hide things does not work either. You just make yourself
   look sloppy and larger. Don't buy what you wish you looked good in,
   but what really does compliment you.

   Just because they make it in your size... ...does not mean you should
   buy it and wear it. Fashion is only fashionable if you look attractive in it,
   not because a celebrity is wearing it or it was in all of fashion magazines.
   Low-rise pants brought this point home more than any fashion trend
   in recent history. Low-rise pants make long torsos look longer.
   The smallest amount of excess weight or flab in the middle is emphasized.
   Someone with no obvious waistline looks even straighter and less shapely.
   Large bums look larger as do wide hips.
   However, everyone rushed out to buy them and we have been subjected
   to rolls of fat, thongs sticking out the back and worse ever since.
   Moral of the story - wear a style that flatters, not fattens
   and you will receive many more compliments.

   Know Your Colors: Colors sold in the stores in a particular season may
   not be yours. Regardless of which method you use to determine
   the right colors for you, it must be done. If you aren't sure,
   contact an image or wardrobe consultant for some professional help.
   It is worth the time and money.

   Think Before You Buy: Unless you are buying a new base piece,
   don't buy an item unless you already have three things in your wardrobe
   with which you can wear it.

   Budget: Quality base pieces will last and will remain fashionable.
   Fill in your wardrobe with accessories with the remainder of your wardrobe budget.
   These items are often the trendier or more seasonable items and have a
   shorter shelf life in your wardrobe.

   For more info, download Wardrobe Basics, a free ebook.

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